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Kaizen Leader Training


Kaizen is the strategy for making improvements in all business areas. It focuses on implementing continuous change over time. Reductions in cycle times, costs and wastes, along with improved throughput and productivity are achievable outcomes.


This Kaizen Workshop is a three day program and provides a detailed overview of Kaizen continuous improvement concepts, tools and techniques. It will show participants how the tools and techniques are deployed to drive a successful Kaizen continuous improvement program. Emphasis will be placed on encouraging participants to implement Kaizen to improve the current way of working. The workshop is highly interactive and uses practical exercises, discussions, case studies, video presentation and games, to reinforce understanding and enhance the transfer of learning.


The Kaizen Workshop introduces the participants to the Kaizen methodology, its tools and application techniques. Participants will learn how to proactively apply the new learning immediately on return to their own work environment.


Operators, Leaders, Engineers, Supervisors, Physicians and Lean Leaders - to understand the importance of following Kaizen as an every-day occurrence and to understand how to introduce, support and teach Kaizen.


3 Days.


  • Introduction to Kaizen
  • Basic Kaizen Principles and Tools
  • Kaizen Quality Improvement Tools set
  • 7 QC Tools and their application
    • Check Sheet
    • Pareto Chart
    • Histogram
    • Scatter Diagram
    • Process Map
    • Cause and Effect Diagram
    • Process Map
    • Control Chart
  • How to implement an Effective Kaizen Project
  • The Kaizen Week Approach
    • Kaizen Week Preparation
    • General Kaizen Week Structure
    • Facilitation Keys
    • Kaizen Team Rules
    • Kaizen Week Detailed Schedule
  • Case Studies and Exercises

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