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Lean Six Sigma Training


The Lean Six Sigma training familiarizes your employees with the principles behind Lean Six Sigma. It gives you the tools and techniques that will enable you to confidently solve process problems using data driving approaches so that problems stay solved.


Relamco offers three levels of certification in Lean Six Sigma: White Belt, Yellow Belt and Green Belt.

The Lean White Belt course is a half day program that provides the students with a basic introduction and awareness of Lean Thinking. The workshop is geared towards introducing the tools and techniques to reduce waste using Lean methodology. It can be applied in service-based, transactional, production-based and healthcare environments. At the end of the certification process, students will have gained a working knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and be able to act as the resource that lend support to the process improvement projects.

The Lean Yellow Belt course consists of a two day program that not only does it provide a basic level of Lean awareness, but an understanding of the benefits that can be achieved by following Lean methodologies. This program is typically delivered to staff who are or will be actively involved in cross functional teams deployed to implement Lean. At the end of the certification process, students will be able to effectively solve production problems and will be capable of offering significant contributions to larger projects as an important team member.

The Lean Green Belt course consists of five day classroom instructions plus the completion of one business improvement project to be completed within 6 months of the course and an exam to achieve full certification. Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training teaches and prepares students to implement the principles, practices and techniques of Lean Six Sigma to lead Green Belt projects or in a support capacity on a Black Belt project team. It has been designed to build your knowledge and capability to improve the performance of processes and subsequently the performance of the business of which you are a part. At the end of the workshop, students will have a thorough understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles and be able to lead and execute process level improvement projects in their workplace.

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